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It’s easy to enjoy time with your children when you’re a member of the Weekend Box Club. Hattie, Wooster, Sammy & Oswald send you just what you need for a box full of fun each weekend.

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Join our club to receive a regular delivery of resources and much, much more!

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We create your personalised activity box & deliver it through your letterbox

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You get to enjoy hassle-free amazing weekends (don't forget to tell your friends too!)

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I'm Oswald and I'd love to tell you all about the fun things to do in the Weekend Box Club

The Weekend Box Club is a membership organisation created to provide high quality activities for you & your children to enjoy together.

By providing you with the things you need when you need them, The Weekend Box Club allows you to spend quality time getting to know your children and watching them develop key life skills as you spend time together.

The hard part's done. All you have to do is enjoy being part of the Weekend Box Club.


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