What's in the box

Everything you need for a weekend of fun activities with your children is delivered directly to your door. The hard part’s done. All you need to do is enjoy time with your children.

Example boxes

Here’s the Weekend Box Club gang with some examples of activities from our boxes

Famous Artists Box

  • Van Gogh Sunflowers
  • Pollock Popcorn
  • Colour Spinning Wheel
  • DIY Picasso Face

Christmas Box

  • Handprint Calendar
  • Shortbread Basket
  • Roll A Reindeer Game
  • Glitter Leaves

Antarctica Box

  • 3D Whale
  • Banana Icicles
  • Southern Lights
  • Penguin in a Bottle

World Flags Box

  • The Oldest Flag Game
  • Flag Biscuits
  • Semaphore Flags
  • Garden Wish Flags

Hi I'm Wooster. With my friends Oswald, Sammy & Hattie, I'll entertain you with fun facts, jokes and activities.


In each box you’ll find all the materials you need and the instructions for your themed activities; as well as collectible stickers for each of the characters and special awards for completing all the activities. Whether you join us fortnightly or monthly, our activities which will keep you and your children entertained all weekend.

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